Finding “the right stuff”

Pilot Candidate Vetting Program

How we can help

Picking the right pilot is essential for a safe, efficient, and profitable operation.
Picking the wrong pilot would mean a loss of money, loss of a contract, or worse.

Whatever the position type: Offshore/Onshore, HEMS/Medevac, SAR/HHO, VIP/Corporate, VRLL/Aerial Work, IFR/VFR, NVG/NVIS, civilian/military, you name it, we know how to assess pilots.

Through a turn-key solution, we will:

  • Market
  • Assess
  • Recommend

How we work

Preparation *

  • job ad on
  • compile initial list candidates
  • general background check
  • video/phone interview
  • select for assessment

all free of charge*


  • administrative logistics
  • preparation package for the simulator
  • one-on-one interview
  • technical skills in a simulator
  • psychometric testing (optional add-on)
  • recommendation

Who we are

My partners have interviewed and evaluated hundreds of candidates throughout their careers in their civilian jobs and military services. They are (senior) flight examiners and hold leading positions in the companies for which they are currently working.

What does it cost

Contact us for an estimate through, with a description of your operational requirements, or contact us using the form below.

Name *
Carl Gilbert Rego.png

Meet Carl

Carl Gilbert Rego is one of our evaluators.

He is a frequent member of the pilot hiring board of Bristow Norway AS. He has interviewed over 250 candidates for the company; which pride themselves with a low turnover of pilots. Carl is an excellent listener, and he has an exceptional ability to ask the right questions when interviewing.

In his early 20s, Carl was an elected official in a county adjacent to Oslo. His military career consisted of working for the Norwegian Army as a non-commissioned officer for many years with deployments in Norway and the Balkans during the war; security clearance administration for Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation; and, a security clearance clerk for The Norwegian National Security Authority.

Carl is both an ATPL-licensed IFR offshore captain and instructor & examiner. He has been working for Bristow Norway since 2005. He has accumulated over 7,000 hours in helicopters.

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